If you are looking for a way to make an outdoor space in your ocean-front house more versatile and attractive in the summer, the best solution is to consider adding a good-quality awning. However, if you also want the ability to remove the awning, a retractable awning will do the job perfectly. Ocean-front homes have large windows to let in the sun and beach view, but the ideal spot to relax is outdoors under an awning in order to experience the ocean breeze and sun firsthand without burning up in the heat.

Retractable exterior window awnings

Retractable awnings in Los Angeles are available in two varieties–manual and motorized. Manual awnings have a hand-crank or handle for opening and closing. Motorized awnings have an automatic motor that drives the mechanism to open and close the awning and typically roll up at the touch of a button. There are good reasons to choose both types of awnings for your oceanside property. Here are some facts to help you decide.


Manual controls are designed to be user-friendly for people of all strengths and sizes for an exterior window awning. You don’t need to be the strong man from the circus to operate a manual retractable awning. Modern engineering and materials give manual controls balance and rust-resistance. They run without electricity if your power is out, and you need relief from the hot summer sun. Fewer mechanical problems crop up with manual operation because they are less complicated.

Manual units are also lower cost compared to motorized awnings. They cost less to purchase and to install. There is no need to hook up power to the unit which requires specialized labor and more time. Another feature is better vertical support which is not available on motorized units since they roll up.


If you are someone who likes automated systems, the motorized awning is a good bet. They are easy to operate and fun to use. Motorized units are quick to open and close and an excellent choice for disabled and elderly homeowners for exterior awnings in Los Angeles. Since motorized retractable awnings are easier to operate they are used more often than manual units, giving the homeowner a better return on their investment.

Motorized awnings are designed in a different way than manual units. A motorized awning has telescoping arms which retract and extend when closing or opening. This style is a clean-cut modern look which fits well with modern home-building exterior decor. They can be equipped with sensors to detect high winds to protect the integrity of the awning system in the case of summer storms. In bad weather, the awning will retract automatically and additional sun sensors will open it on sunny days. While they do cost more, you can save money on your energy bill when sun sensors open the awning cooling your home. Either awning will add to the resale value of your ocean-front home.

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