shutterWelcome to the Arjay’s Window Fashions blog post! We are excited to have you visiting, and we can only assume that it means you’re in the market for some new window treatments. As one of the leading providers of window coverings in Ventura, you can count on us to have tons of options to choose from. One of the styles that are commonly asked about are the plantation shutters that are quickly spreading in popularity. If that’s what you’re looking for, we have them! In the case that you’re not entirely sold on what this particular type of window treatment has to offer, we’re going to give you some of the reasons that we’ve fallen in love with this style of window covering.

A Classic Look

Something that most of our customers consider is whether or not the window treatment that they choose will work nicely in their home. Window treatments can complement your home, but they can also add too much flare that then makes them an accessory and something that will likely only be in style temporarily. For that reason, most customers will stick to classic blinds like mini blinds or wood blinds if they’re trying to get a little creative, but those don’t have to be the only option. Plantation shutters also offer a very classic look without making your windows look like the typical treatments that are found in hom
es. These window treatments offer texture, versatility, efficiency and all while leaving you with a look that won’t be difficult to work around.


One of the other reasons that people invest in window treatments is because of what they add to a room. While they can tie a space together, they can also contribute in the form of texture. Blinds offer some texture, but they’re pretty simple in the way that they sit. If the only texture that you’re enjoying is coming from the pleated structure that the mini blinds require, then it’s time to venture to other options and see what types of window treatments can provide different types of texture. One of the reasons that plantation shutters are so incredible is because of the three-dimensional structure that they’re built with. Since they are one of the thicker options to choose from, you get quite a bit of texture from this design. Aside from the dimension of the covering, you will also find texture in the slats of the shutters that layer up. Altogether, this is a quick and easy way to add quite a bit of texture to a room that might be lacking.

shutter2Extremely Efficient

Plantation shutters, because of how thick they are, provide a pretty incredible layer from the window to the room. That means that the level of efficiency that you are adding to your house is going to be a bit more than other window treatments would provide. If you’re looking for a way to make sure that a home with older windows can still maintain some sort of efficiency, plantation shutters are one of the thicker, more solidified options that you can choose from.

Easy to Pair

When the design element is your primary concern, then plantation shutters become a primary choice because of how easy they are to pair, while still contributing a feel to your room. Another design element that makes this window treatment so incredible is that they are easy to match with other forms of window treatments, like curtains. These two window treatments complement each other incredibly and add so much to any room that they’re in! This also leaves opportunity to have a basic and custom window treatment, but still offers the freedom to put your own styling options into the window treatments that you choose.

Plantation shutters aren’t just any window treatment, they are one of the most popular, but also beautiful, options that are on the market. If you are interested in adding plantation windows to your home, it’s time that you reach out to Arjay’s Window Fashions. We can provide you with all of the options that you need to find the perfect fit and answer any questions that you have. Call our office today for a consultation on your window treatments.

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