During the winter, there are a number of things you can do to ensure your home remains heated throughout the season. You may be asking the question, “Do plantation shutters darken room light?” but you don’t have to worry just because you have exterior shutters, and don’t have to use them every time it gets cold. Knowing how to keep your home warm while enjoying the sunshine takes a little time and effort. Here are a few suggestions:

How to take care of windows in winter

Taking the time to find out where your home is losing warmth will help you determine the areas that need to be insulated or repaired to prevent air seepage. Looking beyond the obvious places can result in a vast improvement. Look in the attic, basement and other places where air could come in that you would not immediately notice. This could result is extensive savings while helping keep your home warm.

When the sun is out, allow it to stream in through the blinds or curtains. This will add to the heat already in your home so that when the sun goes down and you close them, the heat will remain in your home. Make sure to close them when the sun starts wavering or moving to other parts of the home to maintain the heat in that particular area. Using insulated curtains can also help once you close them to prevent heat from escaping.

If you have an older home, you may be able to save energy and keep your home heated by evaluating your windows. Replacing the current windows with ones that are more energy efficient can make a significant difference in your heating costs throughout the winter months. Selecting windows that are Energy Star certified will increase the potential for keeping your home warm.

Windows need insulation too! Even if you have energy-efficient windows, it won’t mean a thing if they were installed incorrectly, allowing air to seep in. Even if there is no air getting in, there are certain climates where it still feels as if the cold weather is coming in.

Staying warm during the winter can seem difficult, especially if you live in a climate where the temperatures get extremely cold. During winter storms, utilize the safety and security of exterior shutters, which can protect your windows while keeping heat in. When using plantation shutters, you may be pleasantly surprised at the amount of natural light that can come in. Open when the sun is shining and closed when the sun goes down is a good solution for warmth. Using plantation shutters in combination with energy-efficient windows is a great combination that will be beautiful and serve its original purpose.

These tips should help you improve window usage and comfortably get through the winter season.

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