The spring is starting to heat up, and it is going to be a scorcher this year. You already know how uncomfortable it is to sit outside with the undiminished sun beating down on you. But, you may not fully realize the damage you do to your body when you bake in the heat, day after day. You might do well with a retractable awning in Ventura, to cut down on the heat, minimize sun damage and enjoy more time outside.

Awning Benefits

Everyone could use a little more outdoor space. At Arjay’s Window Fashions, we know how much people in Southern California enjoy their yards and gardens. We can make it easier with our retractable awnings. If you are disappointed in the way the sun is fading the upholstery on your patio furniture, you may be pleased to learn how easy it is to prevent it. Retractable awnings block the sun from burning you, your family and guests. But, they also protect your landscaping and outdoor furniture from excess exposure to the sun and heat.

Types of Awnings

Once you see how easy retractable awnings are to use, you will understand why our customers prefer them to fixed awnings. Fixed awnings only need to be set-up and taken down once a year, they do not offer you flexibility. If you wanted to sit in your patio chair and watch a meteor shower, you would instead see an awning. Retractable awnings make the choice very simple. With a retractable awning in Ventura, you can block the sun and its heat when you need it, and roll it back to have a better view of the sky.


These awnings are not like the ones you may have seen at your house as a child. The features we offer for our retractable awnings make them easy to manage, including:

If you prefer, you can have manual operation on your awnings. Or, you can take advantage of our motorization options. Imagine being able to operate your awnings with a remote control. Even better, we can set up your awnings to move on a timer or with a solar sensor that moves them based on the position of the sun. Then, all you have to choose is the color and design that suits your style and landscaping. Your Arjay’s representative can go over all the features available and help you decide which options are best for your home and your needs.

This year, you need to have ways to beat the heat that do not include being stuck inside all day. With retractable awnings, you can stay cool, protect your skin, keep your patio furniture looking beautiful and make a fashion statement all at once. For assistance choosing the right retractable awning in Ventura, contact us at Arjay’s Window Fashions.

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