Many homes built nowadays will have at least one pair of sliding windows to help bring natural light or air circulation into them, especially in places like Southern California. You still need quality window coverings for them just the same– the kind that companies like Arjay’s Window Fashions can provide. In an entry for her home improvement blog, Centsational Girl, writer Kate Riley says:

One of the many things I need to tackle in the house we bought last month are the window treatments, they are woefully out of date. In fact, the entire house is stuck in 1989 and everything needs upgraded and made modern. (I’ll share more “before” pictures as we progress room by room.)

I’m going to install a variety of new window treatments on the windows including plantation shutters and woven shades but right now these right to left sliding doors are confusing me. We’re desperate for sun protection to keep the desert heat out and our air conditioning bill low, but we need efficient flow since the doors lead outside to an uncovered area in the rear yard with the pool where the family will spend a lot of time splashing, frolicking, and merry making.

Window Treatments for Sliding Doors

Many sliding windows often have vertical blinds that are made of plastic or any other synthetic material, which you have to pull to split to the side, or use a solid control rod to adjust the angle for natural light diffusion. Riley, notes, however, that the noise the blinds make when the individual panels rustle against each other from the wind can be distracting.

You can also try forgoing the standard regular blinds in favor of a two-stage solution. Riley said the main setup will be to use full length woven shades for the window. The second part will be to hang up a set of draperies and hide the sliding guide rods. Make sure to decide how thick the material for the shades will be.

If you prefer something more solid for buttressing the sliding windows, plantation shutters may be an alternative. They help break up the level of natural light, but you should take care that they don’t look out of place with the rest of the house.

Sliding-glass doors or windows need not be vulnerable house fixtures when you have a company like Arjay’s Window Fashions on the case. They can provide a greater degree of style, comfort, and privacy for your home.

(Source: Window Treatments for Sliding Doors, Centsational Girl)

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