The common expression that “everything old is new again” has different connotations, depending upon how it is used.  But, when it comes to roller shades as a form of window covering, it is definitely true.  However, there is nothing “old-fashioned” about the modern version.  Often termed the choice of architects because of their functional applications, their adaptability, and the variety of materials used to make them, modern roller shades are an economical choice, giving a streamlined look and offering multiple advantages for both home and office windows.

New Look
Today’s descendants of the traditional spring roller shade are sophisticated, tasteful, unobtrusive and can even be motorized or used on building exteriors.  They offer protection, control light, heat and insects, address privacy concerns and are simple to operate.  Modern installation methods make them effective for horizontal use such as on skylights, and their operation can be motorized to be controlled remotely.  Window shades can also cover large glass expanses with ease, and they can be made with channel guides to provide total room darkening ability, making them effective for media rooms or for blackout purposes.

Cost Effective
While the cost of all window coverings varies substantially based on materials and options, roller shades are among the most cost effective choices for homeowners, even with designer options.  With the variety of colors, materials and mounting options, they are an extremely smart choice.  Certifications from the Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency and independent laboratories testify to their benefits as well.

Sometimes, installation of a roller shade is the first step in a multiphase plan, which could include fabric panels or toppers as budget allows and design choices are developed.

Arjay’s Window Fashions in Ventura is a leading firm in Southern California, recognized by the local Chamber of Commerce as a Small Business of the Year.  In addition to roller shades, our trained design staff can offer suggestions about the myriad array of window covering options that exist.  Call to schedule a complimentary consultation and your design professional will be happy to explore the variety of possibilities with you.

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