Some people love to change out their window treatments regularly. Others just want them to work. No matter how you like to handle your window treatments, there are signs that it’s time to say goodbye to the old and welcome in the new. In today’s blog, we will share five of those important signs!

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You may have just added onto your home. Maybe you got new windows because of the energy efficiency they bring. Either way, if you find your current window treatments don’t work as well, it’s a great opportunity to invest in new ones! Getting new windows is a great opportunity for new treatments in general, so don’t let the chance pass you by!

Bent or warped slats

Eventually sun and moisture can take quite a toll on blinds. Faux wood blinds have trouble with sun, and wood blinds get warped by moisture. Unfortunately, once one or two slats get out of whack, it makes the entire unit look wonky. There’s a chance you can get a few replacement slats, but if the damage is more widespread, you’ll be better off investing in new blinds altogether.

They’ve gone out of style

When was the last time your home or business got new treatments? Are the current treatments the original ones? If so, you’re overdue for a consultation with Arjay’s. Any treatments other than plantation shutters generally last seven to eight years. Old drapes or blinds make your home or business looks dated. However, that’s not the only problem. Old window treatments get worn out and dangerous. Let us bring you window treatments that not only look great but also make your home or business a safer place.

You have trouble moving them – or you can’t

If you have blinds and it’s a major struggle to raise and lower them, two things may be going on. Firstly, your blinds may be too wide for the lifting mechanism to handle. Secondly, the mechanism may be damaged and just about to break. If the blinds can’t be moved at all, the mechanism is probably broken. Don’t ignore the issue. You’ll end up tugging on the blinds enough that they could fall right out of the window. Instead, contact Arjay’s for new blinds that are sized correctly and made to stand the test of time.

They don’t meet your needs

Your window treatments may be relatively new and still in great shape. However, if they aren’t doing what you need them to do, you should get new ones. Look at your current treatments and evaluate how they’re doing. Do they provide privacy where you need it? Do they keep the sun back when it’s hot and hold heat in when it’s cool? Do they help you save energy? Do they prevent glare on your TV when closed, or only reduce it?

Keeping your home or business looking top-notch and comfortable is easy when you work with professionals passionate about their art. The team at Arjay’s is proud to provide world-class window treatments to California. Let us give you the perfect solution today!

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