This fall, you can introduce a stylish new look at your home or business “windows on the world,” be Eco-friendly and protect your interiors all at the same time. Trading heavier window treatments and blinds for the minimal look and high function of energy efficient solar shades is a way to incorporate modern design and demonstrate your environmental awareness while reducing glare and offering UV protection in modern interiors.

Solar Shades Suitable for Home or Office

The beauty of these stylish and sophisticated window coverings is in their versatility and adaptability. Commercial roller shades are designed and fabricated to blend seamlessly into the background, providing a pleasant complement for the workspace window. In a business setting, they are the equivalent of a well-tailored suit, available in dozens of appropriate materials to add long-lasting durability and good looks.  When natural light is important, and some view of the out-of-doors is desirable, a light-filtering, translucent fabric is a perfect choice.

Options for automatic remote operation are available for large expanses of glass, and provide a good solution for firms with multiple offices in cases where exterior and interior uniformity is desirable. Reducing solar gain and controlling air conditioning costs can be a major budgetary consideration during the hot summer months, and the demonstrated efficiency of solar shades can play a major role in keeping interior environments pleasant even in winter.

Get Maximum Benefits

Realize the green benefits of modern window options with flex-shades such as Draper roller shades that:

Available Options Make Customization Easy

Today’s commercial roller shades are available with many operational options as well as a wide variety of fabric choices. In addition to the light and heat-reflection, choose from translucent and opaque fabrics to filter light, reduce glare, and eliminate UV rays. Pick total blackout shades for specific needs, and find colors and weaves to blend or contrast with office or home decor. All fabrics are completely fire-resistant as well.

Ease the task of selection and decision-making by enlisting a firm with proven experience in the field. Our in-house design consultants will guide you in your search for green alternatives, and can suggest the best, most cost-effective solutions for your needs.

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