Surefire Way to Prevent Sun Damage Indoors

The sun has been known to cause a lot of damage, this not only applies to things like sunburn and premature aging, but the things inside your home are in danger of the sun’s rays. Traditional Window treatments and solar window film can both help reduce this damage. Your furniture, floors, artwork, carpeting and more are […]

Enhance Learning Environments with Proper Light Control

Controlling light and glare at large windows is a major concern for homeowners in sunny climates, but it is even more important in commercial buildings. Effectively minimizing heat gain and loss is also an important consideration. Managing the light in classrooms and educational surroundings is especially important in order to maximize the effectiveness of the […]

Why Window Films are an Excellent Answer for Your Business?

When you need options that provide effective, inexpensive solutions to your building’s security and energy efficiency problems, you may not have considered window film. Modern film has come a long way from its predecessors which would bubble and curl over time. If you have a lot of glass on your building, you probably need solutions to overheating and UV […]

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