Here in California, we’re blessed with temperate weather almost 365 days a year. The potential earthquakes and wildfires notwithstanding, Californian’s can typically enjoy outdoor activities year round without fear of the rain or snow common in other parts of the country.

We won’t pretend that it doesn’t sometimes get uncomfortably hot here, though. On days when you can’t escape to Surfer’s Point, San Buenaventura State Beach, or Marina Park, you may feel like you have to remain a prisoner in your air conditioned home or office just to keep from dripping sweat.

With outdoor blinds from Arjay’s in Ventura, you can breathe new life into your patio, portico, screened-in porch, or gazebo. Keep reading to learn how window coverings, shutters, and other exterior shading products can drastically reduce the temperature of your outdoor living areas, allowing you to enjoy them even on the hottest days of the year!

Make Outdoor Areas More Comfortable With Exterior Shading

It can be hard to believe, but even on the hottest summer days, it really is cooler in the shade than in the sun. Even though there’s no physical barrier between shady and sunny areas, there can be between 14 – 35 degree difference between areas that are shaded by outdoor blinds and those that are fully exposed to the sun. Imagine being able to sit on your porch or in your gazebo, reading a book and sipping lemonade even though it’s 95 degrees or more in the sun!

Types Of Exterior Shading Products

Now that you’re aware of how much more comfortable blinds can make your outdoor living areas, let’s take a look at the different types of products you can use to create shade.

  1. Exterior Cable Guided Roller Shades – Operated via a hand crank or motorized control mechanism, these roller shades are resistant to wind disturbance.
  2. Exterior Zipper Channel Roller Shades – With the ability to resist both the wind and biting insects that love to pester us during summer evenings, these shades are a popular choice in Ventura.
  3. Retractable Awnings – Does the sunlight only heat up your outdoor porch or gazebo during a few hours of the day? Retractable awnings are the answer for temporary relief.
  4. Exterior Rolling Shutters – Protect your windows from absorbing light and heat with shutters that can be deployed or hidden based on your need.
  5. Outdoor Blinds (Vertical & Horizontal) – Perfect for sunrooms and screened porches, these blinds can be used to block the sun without inhibiting ventilation.

Arjay’s Window Fashions Offers Customized Outdoor Blinds

Don’t hide inside just because the sun is cooking your outdoor areas to a crisp! With the various outdoor blinds and exterior shading options offered by Arjay’s in Ventura, you can drastically reduce the temperature of your outdoor areas, expanding your livable square footage and reducing your dependence on expensive air conditioning! Our experienced window fashion representatives are always available to provide a complimentary appointment to evaluate your needs. Restore the joy of lounging or sharing a meal on your porch, patio, or portico.

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