Sunshine and fresh air used to be a common remedy doctors would recommend for many ailments, but a recent study by Heriot-Watt University’s School of the Built Environment and Qatar’s Hamad General Hospital Urology Department found that most doctors and nurses are able to better perform their jobs and believe patients recover better when daylight is available in the patient’s room. The study found that 79% of medical professionals felt they worked better in rooms with natural lighting, 77% felt they could better determine a patient’s recovery based on skin tone and similar indicators under natural light, and 78% felt that daylight was an integral part of the patient’s recovery, while an overwhelming 92% found they were more comfortable working in rooms with natural lighting.

natural light in hospital

With this study in mind, let’s take a look at the type of window treatments that can be effective in a healthcare setting:

Now that you know the benefits of natural lighting in a healthcare settings and some options to consider, why not take a look at your available options? Find a local window treatment showroom that can offer you a great look at options before you need to invest. Window treatment companies with a long history in the community can provide you with excellent recommendations for your healthcare space.

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