If you’ve ever rented a room in an apartment complex before or even rented a house, one of the pains that you might have come across is replacing the blinds when you move out. Or rather, your landlord or property owner is requiring you to pay premium prices in order to get your window coverings replaced.

Low-quality, manually-operated blinds tend to bend, crack and warp over time, leading to an uneven covering of your window where the sun can shine in, or worse – unwanted visitors can peek in. If you’ve owned any household pets like cats before, you’re probably aware that this makes the situation worse. Fortunately, Arjay’s offers a convenient solution for window coverings that make it so that you won’t have to even touch your blinds again, let alone fiddle around with them: motorized blinds!

Arjay’s Has You “Covered”!

In today’s blog post, we’re going to touch on some of the convenient advantages that come with having motorized blinds as opposed to regular, manual-operation blinds. For all of your window fashion needs in the greater Los Angeles and Ventura areas, trust Arjay’s to get all of your windows covered to the highest degree of quality possible. To discover more about our motorization services, feel free to visit this page, or read on to learn more about the benefits of having motorized blinds. Let’s take a look!


First Things First: Convenience

We’ve already mentioned the convenience of having motorized blinds because that’s one of the strong suits of motorized window coverings. With the simple and easy push of one button, you can effortlessly control every shade in your room, simultaneously. Not only is this a time saver and an effort saver, but if you have particularly tall windows or hard-to-reach areas, opening and closing your blinds is simply no longer a problem. In fact, you’ll be able to do so without even leaving the couch. It’s too easy!

It’s a Natural Alarm Clock

With motorized blinds, you can program the blinds in your bedroom to go up at certain times, inviting the warm California sun into your morning without having to go open the blinds yourself. Now, you can do away with an annoying and frankly disturbing alarm ring every single morning and make the switch to the natural way to wake up and start your day – being bathed in the sun’s natural radiance!

Protect The People And The Things You Love

Due to the motorized nature of your blinds, this means that there will be no operational cords for your adventurous pets or curious children to get in the way of. It might sound really silly, but people and pets do get tangled up in blind cords – it happens!

Plus, valuable items like your furniture, upholstery and wall art will benefit from motorized shades by having protection from the sun during the hottest and sunniest parts of the day. To do this, you’ll simply program your motorized blind system to go down when it hits the hour where the sun reaches its maximum. It’s always important to remember that because of windows, it is possible to sustain damage from the sun when you’re indoors, even though we only tend to think of damage from the sun as an outdoor thing. With motorized blinds, protection from the sun has never been more convenient!

Simulate Your Presence When You’re Not Home

Are you finally taking that family vacation that you’ve long been promising the kids, or simply taking a long weekend to get away with the wife? Well, motorized window fixings offer security benefits to your home as well. No one is going to know the difference that you’re not at your home actually operating your window coverings, and the activity of blinds going up and down indicates that you’re there when you’re actually not. Simply program your blinds to go up and down to your preference, and the window coverings will automatically do so whether or not you’re actually at home.

Actually Enjoy The Weather Instead Of Dreading It

With sun sensors, your blinds can automatically go up or down based on the sun’s intensity, or lack thereof. This means that your home will remain the same comfortable temperature that you enjoy. So if there’s a sudden change in weather throughout the day or the sun happens to be beating down stronger than usual, you can kick back and relax knowing that your window coverings have you…well, covered.

Now Your Living Room Can Be A Home Theater

Are you tired of the sun coming through your giant living room windows, only to obscure the image or cause an annoying glare on the screen? Well, with motorized coverings, that problem is now a thing of the past. With the simple hit of a button (or an automatic daily time if you’re a passionate movie buff), your window covers will draw down and the ambiance for the perfect home movie theater setting is almost there. Dim the lights, make some popcorn and start streaming your film – boom! You’re now at the movies.

For Comfort And Convenience, Get In Touch With Arjay’s Today!

If you have a large home with massive windows, having the right window coverings in light of the harsh California sun is essentially a must-have. With all of the amazing and convenient benefits that motorized privacy shades have to offer you, there’s no reason not to upgrade if you haven’t already! Learn more about the details of our motorized blind services or contact Arjay’s today with any questions that you have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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