Your window could be your best friend whatever the weather: it lets sunlight in during cold weather, and it admits cool air during hot, humid days. Adding the appropriate window treatments can help enhance their ability to keep you cool or warm, and can even help you do away with relying too much on your heating or air conditioning units. While some people might opt to beautify their windows instead of making them more energy-efficient, there are actually several ways in which you could do both.

The Best Options for Energy-Efficient Window Treatments for Your Home

Even the simplest treatments can make a huge impact on reducing your energy bill; for instance, a set of medium-colored drapes can help you reduce solar heat gain by as much as 33 percent, perfect for keeping you cool during the summer months without the need for your air conditioner. Drapes, among many other energy efficient contemporary window treatments, can help you save on your energy bill while adding your personality on your home.


This is one of the window treatments which can beautify your home’s exterior and at the same time protect your home from the harsh sunlight during the summer. Placing them on windows facing the south or at the west can help save as much as 65 percent to 77 percent. In the past, awnings were made of metal or canvas, yet nowadays there are also ones that are made of synthetic materials, such as acrylic or polyvinyl laminates that are also water-resistant, and a light-colored canvas awning can reflect more sunlight, thus making your home even cooler.


Window shades are among the simplest yet energy efficient window treatments you can have for your home, yet it requires proper installation for best results. According to the Department of Energy, shades work best when mounted as close to the glass as possible and right up against the adjacent wall to minimize both heat gain and loss. The most recommended shades are those with dual layers of fabric, with one side made of light-colored fabric while the other of dark color, since these can be reversed during the seasons.


Drapes are a popular choice among homeowners looking for a more beautiful interior, yet these can also be effective in insulating your home from both solar heat gain and loss, depending on the season. As mentioned earlier, draperies, when installed properly, can reduce heat gain by as much as 33 percent. Draperies work best when hung as close to the windows as possible and when allowed to fall onto a windowsill or the floor.

These are among the most popular energy-efficient window treatment choices to choose from, always make a informed decision by talking to experts in the field.

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