THE MOST VERSATILE of all window coverings has also become one of the most popular.  You cannot open an architectural fashion magazine without seeing homes featuring this stylish product applied to a variety of design motifs.  Bamboo shades, also referred to as woven woods, have become so fashionable in the last few years that virtually every major window covering manufacturer has improved and expanded their bamboo programs.

Unique combinations of bamboo, rattan, reeds, jute and wood are loomed together to bring the natural beauty of the outdoors inside.  In addition to the vast selection of beautiful materials that are currently available, design and mechanical options have also improved.  Optional liners provide additional room-darkening, increased privacy and a neutral exterior appearance; while fabric edge-bindings offer rich warm tones and textures and frame shades with a unique fashion accent.

Homeowners with large window walls and sliding glass doors that would benefit from the beauty of Bamboo Shades can now apply bamboo vertically with panel tracks.  Your selected bamboo fabric easily traverses vertically along the new panel track system.  This vertical traversing action makes it easy to go in and out of sliding glass doors by moving the bamboo shades from one side to the other.  Unique operational features, like the top-down-bottom-up function, afford you privacy and a view of the outdoors by lowering the material to a desired height.

From casual to exotic and through the hundreds of bamboo materials available, you are bound to find the perfect material for your home improvement project. For the latest bamboo products and more, contact Arjay’s Window Fashions. We offer complimentary consultations in the Los Angeles area, San Fernando Valley, San Clarita Valley, Ventura County, & Santa Barbara! Contact us at[email protected]/wordpress!

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