blindsHaving blinds in your home is something that provides you with protection for your furniture, control over the temperature of your house, and they contribute to the aesthetic of your home. At Arjay’s Window Fashions, we also provide the option of motorized blinds to our customers. To some, this may seem like a luxurious addition to making to a simple, but necessary addition, but there are times where choosing motorized blinds could make using your blinds much easier. Here are a few of the times that adding a motorized set of blinds may come in handy.

High Windows

We’ve all fallen in love with a home that offered plenty of natural lighting, but then once we’re all moved in and enjoying our space, we find out that these hard to reach windows can be more of a hassle than we originally thought about. For example, high to reach windows in living rooms can create glares on your television and can damage your furniture, but adding window treatments to windows you can hardly reach might feel impossible. While getting your window treatments installed on high to reach windows is something you can do, it’s pretty difficult to make the most of the natural light when you can’t open and close the treatments. This is a time where motorized blinds will making having these window treatments so much easier to use. With the quick use of a remote, you can control when your windows are open and closed so that you can continue to make use of the natural light that this high up window allows for, without it being an inconvenience to your comfort while in the room.

An Influx of Windows

As we mentioned above, there are times where we find a house that offers plenty of natural light, but we don’t know just how tedious so many windows can become. As soon as you have treatments installed on your windows, you feel as though you’ve conquered the issue, but as soon as you start to close all of the blinds, or draw all of the curtains, you’ll see just how tedious it can be to spend so much time actually using your window treatments as needed. One of the times where motorized blinds can make life easier is in homes that have plenty of windows offering natural light. With motorized remote, you can make the most of the treatments that you’ve just installed, all at the touch of a button.

There’s no need to feel like you’re going above and beyond while you determine whether or not motorized blinds are going to be the best fit because we guarantee that there will be times where these blinds make your life so much easier. If any of the circumstances above are something that you’re dealing with, or if there’s another instance that calls for convenience with your blinds, consider having motorized blinds installed in your home. Arjay’s Window Fashion in Ventura would be more than happy to show you what these types of blinds will look like in your home. Stop by our window shop today and we will help you out!

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