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From Manhattan to Malibu blinds and shutters that are dirty make your home look unkempt. Luckily, cleaning and caring for your blinds, shutters, or shades isn’t time-intensive, as long as you don’t let them go for months or years. Learn everyday secrets to keep your blinds, shutters, and shades in the best shape possible.

Keeping Blinds Clean

When it comes to cleaning blinds Santa Barbara residents often delay because they think it will take a long time to clean every slat. A simple trick can help you keep blinds cleaner without the fuss. Add 1 tsp. of ammonia to 1 quart of water. Put on an absorbent cleaning glove or slip an old sock over your hand. Dip your hand in the cleaning solution, and then grab a slat so your fingers are on the top and your thumb is beneath is. Run them along the slat. Work down the length of the blind like this.

If it’s been ages since your blinds were cleaned, dirt and dust might be caked on. In this case, you’ll have better luck by removing the blinds from the window and giving them a bath. Allow shades to soak for 10-15 minutes in a solution of hot water, dish soap, and 1 tsp. of ammonia. Then, clean one slat at a time with a sponge. Rinse the shades after and hang them on a clothesline or balcony to air dry.

Keeping Shades Clean

Since shades tend to curl, it might be easier to clean them if you take them off the window and unroll them all the way. If you have lightweight shades (like vinyl), weigh down the four corners of the shade to prevent them from curling. This way, you’ll be able to clean the entire length of shade. Using the same ammonia-water cleaning solution as for blinds, wash the shade and then hang outside to air dry.

Keeping Shutters Clean

Exterior shutters gather dirt and debris. Clean ground floor shutters easily using a long brush, a hose, and a cleaning solution of hot water, dish soap, and 1 tsp. of ammonia. Rinse dirt from the shutters with a hose then scrub the shutters with your cleaning solution. Rinse the shutters and allow them to air dry.

These tips preserve the appearance and longevity of your window coverings, save you money and improve the air quality and appearance of your house. Clean seasonally for general maintenance, or more often during times when heavy pollen or dust is in the air.

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