Tax refund season puts extra cash back in your pocket. You can put that money to good use improving the comfort and value of your home or business. Get started with these top 10 remodeling ideas.

Plantation shutters

Top 10 ways to use your tax refunds to remodel home

1. Add an outdoor shade – During Ventura heat waves, it can be too hot to comfortably use your outdoor space. Adding a durable outdoor shade, like a shade sail or an exterior awning, makes your space more comfortable in the yard during hot weather periods and can increase your home’s value and curb appeal to potential home buyers.

2. Replace old windows – If your Ventura home has drafty windows, your house is literally leaking money and cool air out through the windows. Replacement windows will block leaks so you spend less money on utilities every month.

3. Revamp the bathroom – Dated bathrooms look dirty. Upgrade your bathroom’s flooring, fixtures, bath, and lighting to make the space feel fresher.

4. Automate your home – Automation can lower your utility bills by insuring your lights, air conditioning, and other appliances go on when you need them and turn off to maintain energy-efficiency. You can also add motorized window treatments to control for sun glare, solar heat, and privacy.

5. Add security shutters and plantation shutters – Ventura home owners can benefit from greater privacy in the home. Plantation shutters not only increase the privacy in the house, they can block the passage of air. Replace dated window treatments with plantation shutters to refresh your home’s interior style.

6. Repaint – Repainting peeling paint dramatically boosts your curb appeal. Don’t forget to paint window trim and shutters.

7. Replace kitchen cabinets – Kitchen cabinets date quickly and take a daily beating with use. Replacing dated cabinet will make your home look more modern, up your resale vale, and help you make the most out of the cabinet space on a daily basis.

8. Update window treatments – Dated window treatments can make your house look dreary. Update dated blinds, shades, or curtains to instantly freshen you home.

9. Update the garage – Often-forgotten garages work well for storage, hobbies, and keeping your car. If you’ve still got money left over, update your garage to make it more useful in your daily life.

10. Add window film – Window film blocks UV light and solar heat from entering your house. Over time, UV light can fade furniture, floors, and walls. Choose from tinted film that adds privacy to opaque film that preserves your view yet blocks incoming light and heat.
Let these 10 ideas spur your spring and summer to-do list. When the weather’s beautiful and the rains have stopped, it’s the perfect time to get home improvement projects done.

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