Windows see pretty basic, right? When dressed up with window covering Santa Barbara homes can achieve a variety of appearances. Whether its blinds Santa Barbara homeowners demand or curtains to create a more romantic look, the windows stay the same. Not necessarily! Here are 20 neat things you should know about windows.

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  1. Leaky windows can cost the average homeowner up to 25% of their utility bill every month.
  2. Adding a custom grille is a great way to add to your window’s character without raising the price much.
  3. Vinyl windows are inexpensive and don’t require much maintenance, but their color fades over time.
  4. Low-E glass has a coating that reflects heat, keeping a home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  5. Window films help cut light and UV radiation that can otherwise cause fading in fabrics and paint.
  6. Casement windows crank open, making them easy to manage in hard-to-reach areas.
  7. Awnings let you keep your windows open during light rain and can be positioned to reduce summer heat gain by up to 77%.
  8. Shatterproof glass includes a plastic layer between two layers of glass, keeping your home more secure.
  9. According to a recent survey by major window manufacturers, it’s estimated that on average, a home’s wall space is about 15% window glass.
  10. Double-pane windows are not only more energy efficient, they’re also quieter, with gas between the panes helping to deaden the sound.
  11. Skylights actually provide significantly more light, around 30%, when they’re compared to vertical windows of the same size.
  12. Aluminum windows are strong, inexpensive and low maintenance, but they can conduct heat and cold into or out of your home.
  13. Gliding windows, much like their single- and double-hung cousins, don’t take any space to open or close, making them great for basements.
  14. Window manufacturers typically recommend replacing windows every 20 years, as draftiness, condensation and sealing issues become problematic.
  15. Windows with solid wood framing provide great insulation against heat or cold but are more expensive and prone to sticking as they swell and shrink.
  16. Instead of window treatments, treat the glass with film. New technology includes films that use electricity to change how clear or opaque the film is.
  17. If your window treatments keep caching on your window cranks, consider windows with fold-down handles that stay out of the way when not in use.
  18. Clad windows have wood that is clad with aluminum or vinyl, making them low maintenance, insulated and, unfortunately, the most expensive.
  19. Dual-action coatings on some windows cleans your windows for you. The coating breaks down organic matter on the glass.
  20. Composite window frames are a mid-level cost that offers better strength and durability than wood or vinyl and is paintable to match your home’s exterior…

Now that you know a little more about your windows, why not dress up your home in Santa Barbara blinds, shades, films and drapes all being excellent options. Stop by a showroom today and see how difference window treatments can make to your windows.

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