French doors can be awesome in a home, but sometimes they just need something a little different, Whether the current decorations or window treatments need updating, a whole new look or something to provide a little more privacy, these ideas will give you some great mileage!


When you’re considering what to do with your French doors, you’ll often find shutters in Thousand Oaks to be an awesome option. Whether it’s attaching internal or external shutters to provide a little more drama or functional shutters that help provide shade and privacy only when needed, this is a great option for a solid window treatment.


When thinking of shades Thousand Oaks residents often turn to us for advice. Whether you’re considering cellular shades to provide additional privacy and energy efficiency, dramatic pieces to provide a little more style to your French doors or somewhere in between, there are more options than can be mentioned in a blog post!

Faux Stained Glass

Love the look of stained glass but don’t have the nerves or the pocketbook for it? Faux stained glass is a transparent or translucent glass that lets the light in while giving your home a lovely, refined appearance. Even better, if you’re just not in love with a pattern, you can remove it and put a new one on, often a matter of a few hours’ time and a few dollars in materials, much less expensive than changing out actual stained glass.

Etched Glass

If you still want a lot of light but don’t care for the stained glass look or just want a little more privacy, etched glass is a great way to get the best of both worlds. For a permanent solution, you can use glass etching cream, with the caveat that you’ll need to be very careful with it. For a temporary fix, the same paints that help you create a faux stained glass look can do the same with creating an etched glass look.

Leave Them Bare

Another option many people don’t consider is to simply leave them bare. Though this is a great option for modern homes that can work with the stark, square lines, you’ll want to avoid south and west facing windows, as they’ll cause too much solar heat gain.

Whether you’ve settled on drapes, sheers, shades or shutters in Thousand Oaks residents often find we have a great style and wonderful, professional designers to help make your dream a reality. Contact us!

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