When contemplating your home design, it’s important to think about the entire aesthetic before making a decision. This includes what type of window covering you will use for your rooms. Each area and space should convey its own character, and picking the right décor for your windows will assist in making that happen. Fashion and window design go hand-in-hand when creating an environment that speaks to your personal taste. First, you should know what the trends are. Here are the top 5 current trends to incorporate window fashion into your personal flair:

The use of earthy and natural products for window coverings continues to rapidly grow. Bamboo, organic cotton and other “green” products take precedence when choosing blinds and cellular shades for your windows.

Using technology to effectively use your window covering makes a tremendous difference. With help of motorization you can transform your home into technology savy. Automated blinds that go up and down, programmable switches that operate from dawn to dusk, and cordless blinds are very popular.

Using fabrics from ceiling to floor is a trend that has reinvented itself. A beautiful curtain at the ceiling adds depth and gives the appearance of being larger than they are. There’s nothing like curtains pooling at the floor too add a touch of elegance.

Simple, clean lines can quickly transform a room into a beautiful and calm environment. Light colors have a way of making a room seem larger while providing stability.

Adding your own creative genius to your spaces helps your window treatment décor display your personality. Painting a wall to complement your blinds or shades or selecting window covering pieces that have geometric shapes or lines will give your room character while providing a modern and fashion-forward look.

By utilizing the trends to determine what will work best for your style and taste, you can incorporate a variety of window treatments in each room that will capture the essence of creative thought. From blinds to curtains, style, texture and material all play an integral part in making your window coverings work.

Should You Consult an Interior Decorator Before Starting Your Project?

It could be helpful. Although you now know the trends, understanding how to fully implement them in your decisions and design could be a challenge, it is good to get the advice of an interior decorator that has experience in this area. Arjay’s Window Fashions can assist you in making the right decisions on style, type and fabrics for windows. For more information, contact an associate today!

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