When it comes to adding a bit of personal touch to windows, window films are an excellent solution. These films make it easy to adjust the tone and texture of the windows to match personal preferences. When it comes to selecting the perfect film, however, most homeowners will find that there are two main types of films: a decorative film and a privacy window film near Los Angeles. Many shoppers wonder what the difference is between the two options and which one would be right for their particular circumstance. Here is what those in the market for a window film should know.

Decorative Window Films

Those looking for decorative window films near Los Angeles with wonderful opportunities for artistic expression. They typically involve one of a wide range of types of design and textures to add a bit of personality to the room. Like regular films, they will protect those inside the home from the potentially damaging UV rays from the sun. They are also wonderful for adding privacy to the home, especially in areas where the owners do not want those outside the home to see the interior but also do not want to have blinds or drapes drawn continuously. These films typically come in any size and shape, making them easy to fit with a wide range of types of windows.

Privacy Window Films

As the name suggests, a privacy window film is oriented towards preventing people from outside the home seeing inside. There are typically two ways that the films will accomplish this.

It is important to remember that many of these films work best during the day, and that at night when the interior lights are on and the exterior is dark, the privacy offered will be substantially reduced. For this reason, these films are often combined with some kind of blind that can be closed when the sun begins to set to maximize privacy. For those who enjoy being able to open up their windows without worrying about what people can see from the street, however, these films are an excellent choice.

When customers set out to determine what type of film will work best for them, the main question they need to ask themselves is whether they want to add to artistic expression of the house or if they a prefer plain film that will perform its functions without drawing attention to itself. When it comes to shopping for the perfect film, buyers should come to Arjay’s, where they can be confident that they will find the perfect privacy or decorative window film for them and a staff of professionals who can help them make the right choice.

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