When you think about window treatments, the first thing that likely comes to mind are going to mini blinds, drapes, plantation shutters, and other window treatments of the sort. These are the standard form of window treatments, but they aren’t the only ones. One of the window treatments that we have seen become quite popular is a window film. Providing homes with both privacy and protection from the sun, window film is definitely a treatment that should be considered when shopping around for the perfect window treatment for your home. While this is a popular option, very few people really understand all that goes into window film, and mostly don’t understand how it works.

Our blog post today is dedicated to providing you with answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that we get from window film.

What is Window Film?

Window film, in the most straight forward of explanations, is made up of multiple, thin layers of polyester material. Even when stacked up on top of each other, the film is incredibly thin. Each layer of the film contributes something different to make it the incredible window treatment that it is; heat, UV, light, glare and privacy are all components of this incredible window treatment. While every window film will take the previously mentioned items into consideration, there are various types of window films that specialize in one of the areas to provide you with more protection from glare, or more privacy, that you can choose from.

What are the Benefits of Window Film?

The list of benefits that we have compiled for window films is so extensive that it created a blog post all of its own. For the most part, this particular window treatment will provide you with the same benefits as other window treatments, but with a few that are specific to the film itself. One of the main benefits that is subject to this particular window treatment is that it’s so thin, yet you still receive the benefits. If there are windows that you love the view they offer, and a window treatment to cover it up isn’t something that you’d like to have done, then you should definitely be considering window film. This tinted film will allow for you to see through and enjoy the view, while still minimizing glare, improving privacy, and giving you a little more control over the amount of light that’s coming in.

This is one of the main benefits that is specific to window films, but there are so many others that we will have to go into at another time.

Where is the Window Tint Applied To?

Window tint should always be applied to the interior of the windows. This allows for it to make the most of the film itself. If you specifically choose to have the film added to the exterior of the window, you should account for the various types of damage that could happen to the window. For example, wear and tear from the weather is one of the primary reasons that we suggest adding it to the interior. By doing so, you eliminate any issues with this particular hazard.

How Do You Clean Window Tints?

For the first week that you have window tints installed, avoid cleaning the windows as a whole. Allowing the window tints to settle before you go ahead and clean them will ensure that they are able to fully set and stick to the window better than they might have otherwise. After this week period of letting them sit, you can clean them with a window cleaner that is free of ammonia. This could take away from the film and make it difficult for the film to stick on the windows as well. If you do choose to clean them, make sure that you are using a soft material so as not to scratch the film. This is another main way that window films can be pulled up and have scratches in the film.

We know that we haven’t covered all of the questions that you may have, but these are some of the main ones. If you have any further questions regarding the process of adding films to your windows, what the expense of them will be, or how to prepare for the process, we can definitely provide you with those answers, and more, during your consultation.

Arjay’s Window Fashions has a wide selection of treatments for you to choose from, and window film is only one of them. We can provide you with plenty of other options that we can work with you on and provide you guidance for. Call our office and we can help you schedule an appointment for a consultation to go over the various options you have and schedule a time for installation.


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