Shades in Santa Barbara keep your home or place of business comfortable, but they can impact your view and appear dated. To get the most enjoyment from your home or office, while keeping climate control costs down, consider using solar screens or shades. This new type of window film blocks heat and glare, providing superior natural light management.

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Why Choose Solar Screens in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara’s warm weather can leave your home quite hot on sunny days. Yet closing traditional blinds or shades also means blocking out your lovely landscape. Because solar screens have a degree of transparency, they allow you to block out the sun’s glare without shutting out the view at the same time. They also:

How Solar Screens Work

The window film type of solar screen is applied directly to your window glass, unlike window shades which do not directly touch your window. Because you can find solar film in different degrees of transparency and varying colors, it’s easy to customize the look and feel of these to your home. In general, light-colored solar screens provide better heat management, while dark-colored solar films offer superior glare management and privacy protection.

Once you install solar screens in Santa Barbara homes or offices, you can literally flip a switch to turn the film from opaque to transparent as needed. Some types of solar film can also be used as projector screens, allowing you to screen home movies or show slideshows or video conferences in a corporate setting.

With these shades Santa Barbara homeowners can enjoy reduced home cooling bills, due to less solar glare inside the home. Over time, the cost savings can allow you to recoup the initial price of the shades and begin saving money.

Customizable and environmentally conscious, these shades make Santa Barbara weather easy to control for while preserving the aesthetics of your home or business environment. It’s easy to see why they’ve become a popular option for homes or businesses when remodeling.

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