When looking for window shades in Los Angeles residents have different needs than those living in the suburbs or more rural areas. Though it seems a bit extreme to use a WWII security device, blackout curtains provide security, privacy, light control and energy control. Let’s talk about how blackout  shades help meet your needs:

Light Control

Bright lights, big city, right? It’s great when you want to stay out until the wee hours of the morning, but if you need to get an early start to your day, you need to block that light out! Alternately, you could work a night shift and just need more darkness in your bedroom during the morning hours to catch up on some sleep. Either way, blackout shades help keep outside light down to a minimum, giving you a peaceful and restful sleep environment.

Energy Efficiency

With lighter-weight curtains or shades, light and solar radiation can reach the interior of your home and heat it up, making it uncomfortable and costly as your air conditioning system struggles to keep up. By not allowing light to pass through, blackout window shades prevent that heat from building up and keeps your home and your energy bill at a more comfortable level.


When you or your loved ones are home alone, you don’t necessarily want to worry about who else can see that there’s nobody to help. Blackout shades help keep home invaders, rapists and murderers from seeing into your home and determining that one person isn’t a threat to them. If they don’t know how many people are home, they’re more likely to look for a softer target.


Of course, if your home is on a narrow lot, it may be nosy neighbors that concern you more than peeping toms. If you value your privacy and don’t want the neighborhood gossip knowing what’s going on in your home, blackout shades can be an excellent way to keep what’s going on in your bedroom your business instead of the talk of the town.

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