Summer ushers in a wonderful time to enjoy outdoor activities, and as your backyard becomes the center of fun for your family, you realize that shade is as vital in the summer as shelter is in the winter.

By providing shady spots adjacent to your home, or in your garden, you can extend the usefulness of your outdoor spaces, make a patio function like another room of your home, allow outdoor enjoyment for longer periods each day, and even offer needed protection in case of a sudden showers.  You also provide much-needed protection for your pets.

Add Entertaining Possibilities, Exterior Awnings Protect Your Pets

Sun and heat are as troublesome to animals as to humans, and dogs and cats left outdoors during the summer are prone to sunburn and heatstrokes, just as people are.

Exterior awning systems protect your animals.  They can be either manually or automatically adjusted to provide just the right amount of shade.  Some of the benefits of awnings are:

In areas such as an enclosed entertainment area, or adjacent to a pool or deck, an exterior awning extends your entertaining options to allow use even on cloudy days, or when quick showers threaten to ruin a party.  The solar shade benefits and the durability of modern exterior awnings that are available to match or contrast with patio decor make them even more serviceable.

Good for All, Inside and Out

For your pets, awnings can be lifesaving.  You can adjust awnings to a half-down position to provide just the right amount of shady shelter for pets in a protected, familiar space.  Animals instinctively seek shelter, and they will love the awnings.

Interior benefits are important, too.  The protection awnings provide for artwork and as “insurance” against fading and UV damage is reason enough to install them.  To learn more about the inherent pluses of an exterior awning for your home, call Arjay’s Window Fashions to schedule a complementary consultation, or visit our Ventura showroom.  We’ve been Southern California’s leader in window covering innovation since 1975.

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