When you are deciding on window treatments for your home, part of the decision depends on where the window is situated in the room and how much light it lets in. Deciding the window treatments is important and one question to think about is difference between window film and window shades. Windows that let in direct light may also add heat to the room. On the other hand, if you prefer a well-lit room, you may not want your windows covered. Windows can also let in indirect light which generally does not heat the air. Therefore, you need make a selection of window coverings that let in disparate amounts of light or block light completely. If you are looking for basic window covers or want to control emitted light simply, you can take a look at window film or shades.

Window shades Vs. Window film

Window Shades

Window shades are usually hung on a roller placed at the top of the window frame. They are designed to block the light from windows by covering each window as the shade is rolled down. Traditional window shades are opaque, meant to completely block out the sun’s light and glare. They also offer completely privacy for a bedroom or bathroom. Shades can be taken down by removing the roller from the window frame, and replaced just as easily once the brackets are set to insert the roller.

Window Film

Window film is a more modern window cover. They are designed to allow the light to come into a room, but partially block or mute the light. They can offer privacy by distorting the view using a patterned texture. Films are a good choice if you want to have the maximum amount of light in your room without the glare or UV damage.

Effects of Sunlight

Sunlight can cause other problems inside the home. Besides overheating a room, it can also damage furniture, carpeting and your skin. Even if you are not outside, direct sunlight can damage your skin with UV rays. Over time, it will cause furniture and carpeting to fade or change color.

Window film is made that can block UV rays for health and safety. You can also get window film that will diffuse light to prevent damage to your home interior. Window shades prevent harm as well but have to block the light completely in order to be effective. Unfortunately, closing shades necessitates the use of artificial light.

Enjoying Views of Nature

Another issue to think about when choosing window coverings is that windows offer beautiful views of the outdoors. You lose these views when shades are pulled down. If you prefer to see your garden or lawn, then shades may not be the right choice.

Window Shade Options

Modern homes do not have to use classic window shades that you find in many older homes. Single cell and double cell shades are used frequently in contemporary interior decorating. This type of shade is a cross between a blind and a traditional shade. The difference between single cell vs. double cell shades is that the single cell shades have one row of open weave shading while the double cell has two rows that are interlocked for additional insulation. These shades raise and lower using a pulley system similar to Venetian blinds.

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