How to hang Roller Shades

The ongoing argument about which is the proper direction to place a roll of toilet paper will never be solved, however hanging roller shades can also be done two different ways with functional and decorative reasons for each. Which is the best way to hang your roller shades? That all depends. Roller shades Santa Barbara are used for many functions. Some of those functions include diffusing heat and light, privacy, blocking light and decoration. Shades can be hung in any room in the house with a window, however all windows are not built alike. Style also impacts the way roller shades are hung, and like toilet paper rolls, sometimes it comes down to preference.

Standard Roll

The standard roll is hanging the roller shade with the fabric hanging next to the window as closely as possible. There are several reasons why you may choose to hang your shade this way:

There is also a big reason why you might not want to roll in this direction which is that you may not want to see the top of the roll all of the time.

Reverse Roll

With the reverse roll, the fabric of the shade comes over the front of the roll, hiding the roll from plain sight. For shades such as blackout roller shades which have a different color on each side, the reverse roll maintains the white or light-blocking side next to the window. The side with a color faces the room. For roller shades hung on windows or doors with a broad handle, the reverse roll keeps the shade from obstruction.

A problem you might have with a reverse roll shade is light coming from the sides of the shade when it is pulled down.


If you want to cover a standard roller at the top of a window you can use a valance to hide it. This style is a personal preference and many people do not care about seeing the roller. Valances do add to the price of the window treatment significantly. Another issue is that a valance can cover window frame moldings.

For reverse roll shades that let in too much light, you can put curtains on each side to keep the light out. Another solution is to use aluminum felt-lined channels at the edge of the shade to keep light out. This method can be used to create a dark room for watching a movie.

Outdoor Roller Shades

Outdoor shades generally use the standard roll to keep the shade closer to the window for fewer problems on windy days. These shades may also be anchored at the bottom to keep them still.

Personal Preference

Ultimately, unless you have structural reasons to hang a roller shade a specific way, it all comes down to your style preference.

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