You already know that you need to clean your drapes on a regular basis to keep dust, allergens and other things from building up on them, but when should you make a change to new window drapes all together? We’ll help you tackle this tough question and come out with a solution that’s a serious win whether you’re nearby in Los Angeles or around the world:

Changing Seasons:

Do you prefer light, airy curtains in the summer and heavy, lined drapes in the winter? If you like to significantly change the appearance of a room’s formality, light balance and openness, changing your drapes on a seasonal or twice yearly schedule may be an excellent choice. You can lighten up the look over the summer and create a cozy nook in the winter by simply swapping curtain sets.

Changing Looks:

If you’ve hit the point that you’re doing serious renovations or remodeling to a room or even your entire home, it’s probably a great time to evaluate your existing window treatments. Will they still work after you take out that Berber carpet and install laminate flooring? If you can keep your remodeling changes fairly neutral, you’ll find it’s very easy to change the entire look of a room or home by changing out soft decor items such as linens, throws, rugs and draperies, giving you a whole new look for less.

Changing Lifestyles:

Whether you’re in the first home you can truly call your own, raising children or new empty nesters, why not take advantage of your lifestyle change to cater to your new needs?  Whether it’s putting up formal draperies after years of easy-clean curtains or blinds, creating a look that’s uniquely you or making your design more child- and maintenance-friendly, this is a great time to see that you or your family’s needs are being met in style.

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to create a new look in your home by simply swapping your window treatments. If you’d like more information on your options, please feel free to contact Arjays Window Fashions  for a complimentary consultation! We’ve been serving Southern California as a leader in window treatment design since 1975 and would be happy to help create your dream design.

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