blinds4In our last blog post, we touched on a few of the ways that you can recognize when it’s time to get your blinds replaced. While those particular signs are ways to see them, they aren’t the only ways that you will be able to recognize that your blinds need to be replaced. In our blog post today, we are going to touch on a few other signs that will present.

Worn Down Cords

When you have mini blinds, the cords that connect the different slats look fantastic, but they also keep your mini blinds compact and working as they’re intended to. The more that blinds are used, the more frayed they become, and definitely starts to show. When the cords that are connecting the slats of your blinds begin to fray, it’s a telling sign that you should start to shop for new window coverings so that your blinds don’t snap and need immediate replacement.

Out of Style

While it isn’t the most important reason that people invest in window coverings, the style factor that they contribute to a space does matter. If you haven’t replaced your window coverings in some time, chances are that they’re not providing you with as much efficiency as you could with new window coverings. This also gives you the opportunity to update the overall styling of your home.

Whether your blinds are broken or they’re simply out of style, you can count on Arjay’s Window Fashions to provide you with the high-quality window coverings that you need. Call in today and allow for us to set up a consultation with a member of our team. When you stop by our office in Ventura, you’ll see that we can help you find the perfect fit and learn more about what your needs are so that we can provide you with the best guidance that we can.

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