Window treatments are an investment that you choose to make on your home, and very rarely is it an affordable one. While it is something that we suggest every homeowner invest in, it’s necessary that they’re looked at as an investment and not just an additional piece of decor within your home. As with any other investment, there is a time where your blinds will fill their lifetime and it’ll be time to replace them, and you will then have to choose to invest in another form of window treatments. If you have had the blinds on your windows for quite some time, then there are a few ways that can help you better determine if it’s time for you to replace your blinds.

Bent Slats

Mini blinds are constructed with a layering of slats, but over time it’s not uncommon for these slats to get bent. Between children that play with them, pets that jump onto them, sun that warps them and accidents that can create some serious bends in them, your mini blinds can start to look a little bit worn. When slats get bent or warped, they don’t look great, but the primary concern here is that they’re no longer effective. These slats are meant to keep out sunlight and increase efficiency, and when they’re warped like this it’s impossible for them to do so. Aside from the fact that this sign offers the opportunity for a serious upgrade to the interior of your home, it is also a sign that the efficiency of your home could be improved.

They Aren’t Helping

Window treatments look great, but the truth is that we often add them so that we can have some control over the light that’s coming into our house. If you invest in window treatments and they aren’t providing you with control over the natural light, or you’re still having issues with unwanted glares, then it is time for you to invest in a new type of window treatment. When one window treatment doesn’t work, there is another that can provide you with different results. Whether that be doubling up on your window treatments so that you have blinds and curtains, or switching to a film that automatically lessens the intensity of UV rays coming through your window, there is an alternative that we can provide you with, depending on concerns brought up during a consultation.


Blinds offer protection from the harsh rays of the sun. One of the primary benefits that homeowners see from window treatments is a decrease in discoloration of furniture. While this does help furniture, it’s not uncommon for window treatments to pick up the damage. If you have blinds that are a certain color, or even plain white, you will likely see a distinct discoloration when they become older. This is from constant contact with the sun and is a pretty common reaction for something that will receive contact with so many UV rays. While it would be great to avoid this, there is no one way to keep your blinds from discoloration, which is what makes this one sign, one of the most reliable signs that it’s time to look into investing in new window treatments.

While this is more common in plastic mini blinds, you may also see this in wood blinds, especially based on the color of the blinds that you got. Darker woods will see some discoloration, but white wood blinds could also turn into a yellow color that looks less than pleasing in a home.

Arjay’s Window Fashions is a place where you can find endless styles of window treatments. If you are ready to invest in some new window treatments, call our office and schedule an appointment with a member of our team. We can provide you with further information on what types of window treatments are out there and which styles will be most beneficial for your needs.

Make sure to check back in the next couple of days for a few other ways that you can determine if it’s time for you to invest in new window treatments! We want to do our best to ensure that you’re always aware of when it’s time to look into new window treatments, not only because they look great, but because the benefits that they offer is impossible to deny.
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