Skylights can be a designer’s dream. They are versatile, creative and provide a beautiful aesthetic to the room while filtering in natural light. Although they provide a certain amount of usefulness, there will be times when you do not want the light to come in. Skylight window shades in Santa Barbara are designed to help provide a great solution to this problem.

What are Skylight Shades?

Skylight shades work in a variety of ways. They help block the sun, acts as a natural buffer against the hot or cold weather, and control the amount of light you desire at any given time. There are a number of selections in skylight shades that will work within your budget. Four of the most popular are

What are the differences?

Plantation shutters are a very elegant option for skylights. They also help darken the room to your desired light level. Once installed, you use an extension pole to tilt the louvers which will alter the intensity of light entering the room.

Cellular shades are customized to fit the skylight with tracks on each side. They are beautiful, come in a variety of colors and block 99% of the sun’s UV rays. They are operated by an extension pole to regulate the level of light.

Aluminum blinds are also customizable and use stainless steel wire to support their height. They do not block the sun’s rays but are used to direct light through tilting them where deemed fit at that point in time. They help avoid glares on electronics and television watching conditions.

Although all of these work well, the most affordable one for skylights is the solar shade. This is due to the material that is used to reflect the energy coming into the room. They are useful and allow soft light to filter through while cooling the area. Solar shades are also very easy to install. All you need is a tension rod which does not require any screws or brackets. They are by far the easiest and most economical of them all.

How can I make the right selection?

Knowing your options gives you leverage on how to proceed when getting blinds for your skylight. All of these selections are useful and can be modified to match your décor. Understanding how the sun filters into your home should also play a large part in choosing the blinds that work best for your decor. Getting practical advice from an interior designer like Arjay’s Window Fashions will help to determine the best window shades in Santa Barbara to outfit your skylight. Contact them today!

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