If you’re looking for new shades for your Santa Barbara home, you might have heard that roller shades are a good idea. But what are these and why are roller shades for Santa Barbara such a good idea? Learn what these shades can do for your Santa Barbara home.

Roller Shade Santa BarbaraWhat are Roller Shades?

Roller shades are a type of window shade that are easy to install, easy to use, and low in cost. Simply by tugging on the bottom of the shade, you can adjust its positioning to allow more or less light into your home. If you want to allow more light into a room or capture more solar heat, you can raise the shade. If you want to cool the house, or protect against the glare of the sun, with another simple tug you can lower the shade in a controlled manner.

Santa Barbara Climate

Located along the sunny coast of Southern California, Santa Barbara has a Mediterranean climate. As of the last Census (in 2010), there were 88,410 residents in Santa Barbara. Tourism, education, health care, and technology are among the city’s top industries.

Thanks to ocean breezes, Santa Barbara’s summers can feel cooler than and winters warmer than in other parts of the state. The temperature is fairly constant year round, ranging from lows of 46 to 48 degrees to highs of 74 to 76 degrees. That said, Santa Barbara has seen record highs over 100 degrees. Fall winds can bring a heat wave and raise the fire danger in the hills around Santa Barbara. It might not seem like shades can play a big role in cooling homes and businesses during seasonal heat waves, but in fact they can.

Why Roller Shades Santa Barbara are Perfect

Motorized shades in Santa Barbara can be set up on a schedule to allow more light into the office when employees are at work and lower as the sun’s glare becomes distracting. This saves the workplace money by taking advantage of passive solar energy to keep the workplace temperate, and blocking out the sun’s heat when a cooler environment is needed.

If you’re going back and forth on what type of window covering in Santa Barbara homes or offices, roller shades can be an inexpensive temporary solution while you are still deciding on the best choice of window covering or the right permanent solution for you.

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