As soon as you buy a home, the first thing you must do is add window treatments, lest you lose all sense of privacy. While it seems that choosing blinds or shades is such a simple choice, you have a lot of options to consider. Roman shades are classic selections that build beauty into your home, just as they make your home more comfortable. With the right motorized shades from Arjay’s Window Fashions, you also get added convenience.

Simple Layout

The principle behind shades is simple. That is, you should be able to quickly adjust a shade to allow light in, or block it out. Roman shades are particularly beautiful because of their construction. Made of lightweight, woven fabric in:

Roman shades provide simple covering that is perfectly timeless. Lighter fabrics in lighter colors are preferred because they allow more natural light to come through. A lining may be added to protect the delicate fabric from bleaching by the sun. While hundreds of types of fabrics are used to make the shades, more expensive fabrics such as silk and added convenience features increase the motorized shade cost.

Classic Fashions

Once you select the fabric, you must decide how you want the shades to look. Roman shades are versatile and come in a variety of styles. You could choose a plain layout with a straight shade. Or, you might opt for cascade shades. Roman shades with a cascade effect draw up by a similar pulley system. But, instead of rolling up or accordion pleating the extra fabric, the shade pulls up in cross-sections. The effect is billowing, almost like a waterfall.

Convenience Features

People love to choose Roman shades for window treatments for their ease of use and convenience. If you have a lot of windows, or simply do not enjoy rolling the shades up or down, Arjay’s Window Fashions offers motorization. Imagine opening your shades with a click of a button, and no more pulling and adjusting. Even better, our system allows you to set timers and solar sensors to automatically adjust your window treatments to your specifications.

Roman shades are some of the easiest and most beautiful window treatments to purchase for your home. In your choice of fabrics and colors, your Roman shades ensure that your windows reflect your unique style but also provide you the comfort and privacy you need. With motorized shades from Arjay’s Window Fashions, you find just the right balance of classic simplicity and convenient technology.

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