Window blinds help create a clean, modern look in your home, but all those dangling strings can be worrisome when you’ve got a small child or pet running around. Fortunately, there are safer options now available. Whether you’re interested in adding cordless or motorized blinds, we have the options you need to keep your home safe for your entire family. Read on for further information:

Motorized Blinds
Motorized blinds can be set up using either grid power or battery operated systems. Our automation experts have certifications in Somfy, Lutron, , Q-Motion and MechoShade systems and have assisted in other automated building systems including Control 4, Savant, Crestron and similar systems.

Control of the blinds include options using a remote control, solar sensors that automatically adjust the blinds or automated changes based on a timer system that you can program. We are also able to integrate your motorized blinds into more sophisticated building automation systems. These options can make it easier to keep your home’s internal temperature more comfortable while you are away from home, ensuring a more comfortable environment when you return.

Cordless Blinds
Cordless blinds work on a similar concept, using a hidden pulley system with a lever to control the position of the blinds. Though not as simple to operate as motorized blinds, they do provide functionality during a power outage or when your automation system is not functioning.

Other benefits of both systems include holding the blinds firmly in place and position, something that can be problematic when traditional blinds have their strings slip out of place. Automated or remote-control systems can be an excellent choice in a media room to block out the light when needed but providing light at other times.

Are you ready to make some changes to your home’s window treatments to a safer alternative in child-safe blinds? Make a complimentary appointment by contacting us through our website or at (805) 642-2300. We’ve been Southern California’s leader in window treatments and design since 1975!

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