Your drafty windows contribute largely to your home’s power bills, as it allows the heat from your furnace to easily escape out into the cold outdoors. Thankfully, there are many solutions that you can go for to make sure that your windows remain energy-efficient and keep the heat in. Many of these energy-saving solutions, like reliable window covers, aren’t nearly as expensive as you might think.

Weather Stripping

Installing weather stripping on the space in between your window frame and wall openings is a good way to start keeping hot air inside. There are several types of weather stripping material you can choose from, including pressure-sensitive adhesive-backed foam, spring metal strips, felt and tubular gasket stripping.

Foam Covers

Some windows, while necessary, don’t exactly get much use as a way to see from inside into the outdoors—your attic windows, for instance. This Old House Magazine writer Elsa Säätelä recommends some tips that you can follow to keep these fixtures from leaking heat:

For basement and attic windows you don’t need to see out of, cover the panes with a piece of foam board glued to 3/8-inch drywall. Cut pieces to fit snugly inside the frame, press the foam side against the glass, then simply pop out when you want to let in sunlight.

Blinds and Shades

Certain types of blinds or shades could also be of significant help—as a matter of fact, they could help improve your windows’ resistance to heat loss (measured in R-value) from a measly R-1 to a high R-9. Some of the choices you should consider include honeycomb or pleated blinds, since they minimize space in between the slats.


Look for blockout lined curtains or drapery, as they prevent pretty much 100% of all incoming light from entering your home. These fixtures are much more efficient in trapping heat than most other window treatments, serving as the best alternative for your use. To further reinforce this ability, add a pelmet at the top of the curtains.

Window Film

Window film isn’t just for decorative purposes or for providing homes with sufficient privacy, they can also regulate the transfer of light, heat, and ultraviolet radiation. When looking for energy-efficient or decorative window films though, be sure to look into the products offered by reputable distributors, such as Arjay’s Window Fashions.

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