Drapes: What, When & Why

Arjay’s Window Fashions is known for having a wide selection of window treatments to choose from. This is always a fantastic situation to run into because the last thing that you want when trying to shop for window treatments are too few of options. Our blog post today is going to provide a deeper look […]

Fabric Choice for Window Covering Hinges Partially on Design

Just as there is no “right” look for window fashion today, there are also more choices in fabric than ever before. Today there is huge variety for fabric choice for window covering available and dizzying array of fabric options allows local homeowners to personalize window covering styles. No matter what style you prefer for your Simi […]

Effective Window Covers: Choose the Best Way to Let the Sunshine In

A window’s main job is to let light into a room. The problem is that there are times when there is too much light, and the sun’s rays can make a room feel like a boiler, or cause exposure damage on furniture and decors. This is where excellent window covers come in. You can find a […]

Let the Light In: Choosing the Right Window Coverings for Your Home

Windows are an often overlooked part of the home. Most people focus on its utilitarian purpose of letting light in and providing ventilation to a room. However, a bare window can give a room an unfinished look. This is why you need to take a look at the variety of window coverings offered by companies […]

High-Grade Window Covers: Helping you Achieve the Utmost Privacy

Privacy is of utmost importance in any home, even those with a lot of windows. This is usually achieved through window covers solutions – such as window film – of the kind sold by companies like Arjay’s Window Fashions. In an article for Houselogic dated November 28, 2011, writer Jan Soults Walker says:

Quality Window Coverings for Sliding Doors are Not That Hard to Find

Many homes built nowadays will have at least one pair of sliding windows to help bring natural light or air circulation into them, especially in places like Southern California. You still need quality window coverings for them just the same– the kind that companies like Arjay’s Window Fashions can provide. In an entry for her […]

Window Covers and Other Solutions for More Energy Efficient Windows

Your drafty windows contribute largely to your home’s power bills, as it allows the heat from your furnace to easily escape out into the cold outdoors. Thankfully, there are many solutions that you can go for to make sure that your windows remain energy-efficient and keep the heat in. Many of these energy-saving solutions, like […]

Guide to Choosing Window Coverings: Drape Colors and Interior Design

Interior design is the art of keeping an indoor living or working space aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. To this end, you should make sure that everything, from furniture to your choice of excellent window coverings, should follow a theme. For instance, you should make sure that your choice of drapes or curtains matches […]

Making a Cozier Home for the Holidays by Getting Window Coverings

If you look at your calendar right now, you’ll realize that the last major holidays of 2014 are coming a lot sooner than you think. Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas will turn your home into a major venue for celebrations with family and friends, and it pays to have it prepped with a festive mood while […]

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