Types of Treatments to Use with Doors

When you’ve got a glass, sliding-door in your home, you know that window treatments will inevitably become something that you need to consider. These giant windows are something that we see as perks when we first start to look into a home, but they are a little bit trickier to work with when you’re trying […]

What is the Difference between Window Film and Window Shades?

When you are deciding on window treatments for your home, part of the decision depends on where the window is situated in the room and how much light it lets in. Deciding the window treatments is important and one question to think about is difference between window film and window shades. Windows that let in […]

Window Film Means Big Savings for California Homes and Businesses

California Building Standards Commission’s revised energy code requirements took effect in 2014, and California became the first state to add window film into its building code. Saving energy has been a big priority in the state, and adding window film makes a definite difference. According to the International Window Film Association, the potential savings for Californians […]

Why Window Films are an Excellent Answer for Your Business?

When you need options that provide effective, inexpensive solutions to your building’s security and energy efficiency problems, you may not have considered window film. Modern film has come a long way from its predecessors which would bubble and curl over time. If you have a lot of glass on your building, you probably need solutions to overheating and UV […]

How Energy Efficiency and Window Coverings Go Together?

Having high cooling or heating bills is a major budgetary concern for many people, but there are ways to cut costs while increasing the energy efficiency in your home. How is this possible? Choosing the right window coverings. How can window coverings increase energy efficiency? It’s simple. When you choose the right window coverings, they […]

Does Window Film Provide Energy Saving Benefits?

You know all the regular tricks of energy saving. You make sure your windows are caulked and that there are no leaks in the seal. But did you know that your windows are still permeable no matter how pristine they are? That’s where window films come in. They are one of the most cost effective […]

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