California Building Standards Commission’s revised energy code requirements took effect in 2014, and California became the first state to add window film into its building code. Saving energy has been a big priority in the state, and adding window film makes a definite difference. According to the International Window Film Association, the potential savings for Californians is comparable to 4 million barrels of oil each year, and this could be done just by adding window film to 10% of dwellings that were built before the updated standards took effect.

Consol, a California based energy consulting firm discovered through their analysis that window film is an economical choice for lowering overall energy use and is more efficient than updates to HVAC systems, ceiling installation, caulking and air sealing.

While including window film as a standard for new buildings, there are still nine million structures in California that were built before the new codes went into effect. If window film was installed in these buildings, Consol estimated that energy use would drop by 10% saving more than 7 billion kWh of energy

Energy efficient window treatments for California

What is Window Film?

Window films are sheets of self-adhering plastic that are applied directly to window glass. Some films are intended to be merely decorative, but their more practical purpose is to block heat transfer and solar gain that occurs when the sun shines warm and bright into a home. They make homes more energy efficient by adding a low E coating to regular glass, and still make a statement from a decorative standpoint by offering options such as mirror effects, scratch resistance and privacy tinting.

Window Film Brings Multiple Benefits

Window film has been lauded for its ability to reduce the amount of heat from the sun on buildings where it is installed. It also adds an element of privacy, and the Liquid Crystal film can be changed by the user to be either clear or opaque, allowing it to be used as a projector screen. Colored and reflective films are available in a variety of tinted colors and degrees of reflectivity. Although there is a large emphasis on solar control, glare control & UV control, window films can also make glass safer by making it shatterproof. Some of the many things people like about their window films include

Liquid Crystal Film

Liquid Crystal Film stands out from other types of window films because it is adjustable after it is installed, allowing the home owner to switch back and forth between clear and opaque looks. Many people like to use a large opaque window as a large screen to project television and movies. This makes life more comfortable in several ways through

Solar Control

Solar Control reduces “hot spots” in sun struck areas of a building. With this reduction cooling costs can be go down by as much as 30%

Glare and Fading

With less direct sunlight reaching the inside of the home, it reduces eyestrain that is experienced when sunlight reflects off computer and television screen. Although it isn’t always noticed immediately, too much sunlight can damage furniture as well, causing fading

Safety and Crime Prevention

Window film covered windows are far more difficult to break than exposed windows. Potential thieves aren’t tempted by valuables they see from the outside, and in many cases they can tell that there is window film on the home and are more likely to move on to break into a home that is less challenging.

While one way window film allow those inside a home to look outside during the day, it keeps others from being able to see in from the outside during those same hours. At night, however the privacy filter is reduced when the lights are on inside. Because of this, it is a good idea to add some other type of window treatment, such as blinds or shades in order to assure privacy levels around the clock.

While there are various companies that sell window film designed for self-application, it can be difficult to get this just right. Professional window treatment companies, such as Arjays Window Fashions, can not only help customer’s in choosing window films or other types of coverings that will best suit their home and lifestyles. They have professional installation available to help assure that Southern California home owners can get and keep the look and level of protection they are looking for.

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