Understanding the Basics of Window Film

When you think about window treatments, the first thing that likely comes to mind are going to mini blinds, drapes, plantation shutters, and other window treatments of the sort. These are the standard form of window treatments, but they aren’t the only ones. One of the window treatments that we have seen become quite popular […]

Finding the Right Treatments for Your Bathroom

The bathroom in your house is one of the most private spaces in your home, but when you’ve got windows that peep directly into this space, you definitely lose a bit of privacy. Rather than leave these windows open right into one of the most private rooms of your space, you can find a fantastic […]

Great Uses for Window Film in Your Home

If you’ve ever seen window film in someone’s home, chances are you saw it in a bathroom window. This is a great use for window film! It helps add privacy to the bathroom without hanging heavy drapes that could become mildewy and moldy thanks to a higher amount of humidity in the room. Blinds are […]

How Do Window Films Make Your Home More Comfortable?

Although we’d never want to live anywhere else, the weather in California can sometimes be a little overwhelming. While constant sunshine and warm temperatures sound awesome to those living elsewhere in the country, we’d be lying if we said that we didn’t sometimes long for a few clouds, cooler temps, and maybe, just maybe, a […]

Is Window Film for You? Part 2

Managing your home or business’s solar gain can be a serious challenge. Not only does sunlight fade and rot carpet and furniture, it can have a big impact on your cooling costs. At Arjay’s, we have many different solutions for harmful solar gain. You can cover the windows with heavy drapes, install special screens, and […]

Is Window Film for You? Part 1

Does your home or business have big, high windows that don’t work with drapes? Is your furniture and carpeting suffering from the sun exposure? If that’s the case, window film may be the perfect solution for you. Window film is a micro-thin layer of film with performance-level coatings that bond it to the glass. At […]

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