With their versatility, window treatments can serve different functions or meet various interior design goals. You could make a room cozier or enhance your window’s energy-efficiency. You could elevate your interior décor or simply improve your home’s privacy. Among the many choices you have, multipurpose window shades and blinds give you the most flexibility.

Right Window Shades

After deciding you’ll go with either window treatment, your next steps are picking between the two, and selecting from their various makes and types. It would be good to know their differences and what those varieties are, so you can make the right choice. Here’s a simple guide:

The Case for Selecting Shades

Becky Dietrich, Houzz contributor, describes shades in contrast to blinds in her article by stating:

Although the lines of distinction are not that clear, for simplicity’s sake it’s safe to say that shades are the warm, fuzzy version of blinds. Whereas blinds are made of hard substances, like wood and aluminum, shades are made of soft materials, like linen, cotton, silk and every imaginable form of natural and synthetic fiber.

[…] shades are constructed in a continuous roll, and the only adjustment for light and view is up or down.

The classic roller shades and honeycomb shades that are prized for their practicality would be the simplest and most inexpensive styles you can purchase. If, on the other hand, you want a dramatic or romantic effect, the intricate designs of Roman and Austrian shades will most likely suit your fancies.

Vouching for Buying Blinds

Blinds, on the other hand, are made of rigid slats that are easily adjustable. They can be shut tight or tilted open a notch to improve the privacy and control the dimness of the room, or they can be pulled up to let natural light in or to get a better view of the home’s outdoors.

Oriented vertically or horizontally, drawn top-down or bottom-up, blinds come in varied widths and lengths, where the narrower slats (especially those made of wood) give a softer, more laidback appeal. These window treatments are also rendered with different colors—from neutral tones or organic, earthy hues to bold, contemporary tints.

Stylish window blinds and shades—offered by reliable window companies like Arjay’s Window Fashions—can be used to complement the mood of your interiors or even set its tone. Use them by themselves or together with drapery to make a decorative statement.

(Source: How to Choose the Right Window Shades, Houzz)

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