The 6 Types of Roman Shades and How to Use Them

Roman shades are known for their tailored and minimalist look. They are often used in design when a space requires the functionality of blinds and the softness of fabric. Roman window shades are the best of both worlds. You get the privacy and the clean look of blinds with the warmth of drapery fabric without the […]

Window Treatments for Curtain Wall

A curtain wall adds a lovely architectural feature to an office building, letting in outside light throughout the building as well as pleasing form. From the outside it offers a unique style to the building’s structure, giving it an eye-catching appearance for passers-by. Inside, a curtain wall is functional and beautiful, because it can lower […]

Best Window Treatments for Hotels

The hospitality and hotel industry has unique needs when it comes to window treatments. Unlike a home, guests staying at a hotel may use their rooms as bedrooms, dining rooms and office space while staying there. With such a wide range of use of each room, the hotel needs window treatments that can assist with […]

What is the Difference between Window Film and Window Shades?

When you are deciding on window treatments for your home, part of the decision depends on where the window is situated in the room and how much light it lets in. Deciding the window treatments is important and one question to think about is difference between window film and window shades. Windows that let in […]

What’s the Best Way to Hang Roller Shades?

The ongoing argument about which is the proper direction to place a roll of toilet paper will never be solved, however hanging roller shades can also be done two different ways with functional and decorative reasons for each. Which is the best way to hang your roller shades? That all depends. Roller shades Santa Barbara […]

Stop Don’t Ignore Light When Choosing a New Home

When people look for a new home it is common for them to look at the layout of the house, the amount of closet space, number of bathrooms, and whether there are good schools in the area. As they go through this mental checklist, some forget to consider how the home handles light, but forgetting […]

Wood or Metal: How to Pick the Right Curtain Rods for Your Needs

Curtains in Thousand Oaks can make a real impact on the feel of a room. Some styles bring a contemporary flair. Others offer a sophisticated richness. Some styles aim for a sort of softness. But as important as curtain selection is, it is equally important to choose the right curtain rod in order to complete […]

Can I Get a Sunburn Indoors?

For those who live in sunny Southern California, protecting themselves from the sun’s damaging UV rays is a big priority. Exposure to the sun can occur both indoors and outside. After a few hours on the beach, lathered in sunscreen to protect themselves from the sun, many notice that there is still a lot of […]

How to Install Classic Window Shades in Santa Barbara?

Santa Barbara, California has beautiful weather all year round that could attract almost anyone. At its coldest, it rarely dips below 34 degrees Fahrenheit, and at its hottest it doesn’t reach above 82. On average it stays between 58 and 75 in the warm season, and between 40 and 63 in the cool season. There’s […]

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