Drapes or blinds?  Shades or café curtains?  The biggest priority when you are at a window treatment store choosing what you want is making the decision of which you prefer – light or privacy.  You may even decide that both of those things are desirable.  When you follow these professional tips, you will be making the right, informed decision.

Window Shading

Semi-Sheer as a Window Treatment in Santa Barbara

Common spaces like living rooms and family rooms don’t typically require a lot of privacy.  However, these areas might always need light – depending on how many windows are in that room.  Natural light will help in brightening living rooms and when you opt for semi – sheer window treatments, you can get the light that is necessary while also getting a measure of privacy.

Hint – Choose the density of the fabric depending on how much light you are trying to get in that particular space.  Fabrics that are thicker will let less light in than a fabric that is ultra – sheer.  If you visit a window treatment store you can choose from a wide variety of fabrics and thicknesses.

Honeycomb Shades

Cellular Shades

We all know that when it comes to a bathroom, the ultimate in privacy is needed.  Especially bathrooms on the ground floor.  You might choose a hard window treatment for the bathroom.  Something like a cellular shade would be a great choice.  These particular shades are known as bottom up/top down shades and they will allow you the privacy that you need while still allowing for a good amount of light to be let in.

Hint – This type of window treatment has a honeycomb design.  This allows for the cold to be let out and the heat to be kept in.

Window Treatment Drapery

Drapery as a window treatmentDrapery as a window treatment


When you are deciding on a window treatment, Santa Barbara is a great place for draperies.  Consider this, when you have bedrooms that are on the first floor, they typically need more privacy when compared to bedrooms upstairs.  However, bedrooms – regardless of which floor they are on – need lighting that is natural.  Contemporary drapery that is floor to ceiling gives the room the light that it needs while also offering privacy.  Even when they are closed, they still allow for the light to come in.

Hint – Depending on what type the room needs, tracks for ceiling to floor draperies or a drapery rod can be installed either on the ceiling or the wall.  Draperies of all kinds can be found in any window treatment store.

Best Roller Shades

Roller Shades

Talking about bathrooms again, whether the bathroom is on the first floor or the second, when you have neighbors that are close can mean that you will need privacy.  Roller shades are easy to install and they are perforated which allows light to get in.

Hint – When window treatments behind tubs are difficult to reach, you can actually hardwire this type of shade so that it will be easy to raise or lower from either a remote or a control panel.  When it comes to roller shades as a window treatment Santa Barbara has great window treatment stores like Arjay’s Window Fashions where you can find them.

Blackout Curtains

Getting a baby to go down for a nap when the sun is brightly lit can be quite difficult.  When you have blackout shades though, this is not an issue.  You can have a blackout lining, which is a fabric that is dense enough to not let the light in, sewn right to the back of any fabric that draperies are made from.

Hint – If you want to block all light, you can get ceiling to floor drapes that extend a full 18 inches past the sides of the window they are covering.  Doing this ensures that as little light as possible gets in through the cracks.

Now, those are the 5 techniques to window treatments that are promised in the title, but here is another one as a bonus for you.

Plantation Shutters


When you or your guests are in the mood for complete relaxation that can include sleeping in after the sun is glaring in the sky.  For bedrooms, you might check out shutters that have center panels that are solid enough to block out the light.  Also, this type of window treatment can blend seamlessly blend right into the rooms overall theme.

Hint – If you want to tone down the look of shutters in a room, you can paint them in the same color that you painted your walls.   If you want them to stand out, simply paint them a contrasting or brighter color.

Finding the window treatments that you need to create the look you are going for does not have to be a daunting task.  Consider what you want the overall look to be and go from there.

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