Window Treatment for Curtain Wall

A curtain wall adds a lovely architectural feature to an office building, letting in outside light throughout the building as well as pleasing form. From the outside it offers a unique style to the building’s structure, giving it an eye-catching appearance for passers-by. Inside, a curtain wall is functional and beautiful, because it can lower electrical costs due to the emitted light and the wall’s form, often curving, gives the building’s interior a modern, contemporary appearance.

Window treatments for a curtain wall can be a bit tricky, because while they are needed due to direct sunlight, you don’t want to obscure the concept of the wall itself. Finding the right window treatments for Ventura commercial windows can take some time as you browse through the options.

 What is Curtain Wall

Maintaining Natural Light for Curtain Wall

Curtain walls are designed to let in natural light throughout a multi-story building. Natural light is always preferable to artificial light. Artificial light is more expensive to run, causing costly electric bills. Additionally, artificial light is hard on eyes in the harsh decor of many office buildings.

However, there are some drawbacks to so much natural light as well. Natural light can fade furniture and carpeting over a period of time. It can also heat a building during warm months of the year. And it can cause a glare during specific times of day when it is shining directly inside. To avoid these issues, curtain walls either need special glass coatings to filter the light which is quite expensive or window treatments to act as a barrier. The best window treatments for a curtain wall should be sheer or easily raised when light is desired.

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are designed to allow maximum light to come through a window while blocking harsh direct sunlight. Sheers are the traditional form of window treatments for homes and offices when light is desired. For a curtain wall, sheers offer a method of filtering damaging rays, sun’s glare and heat. Sheers work well in a traditional setting, and some sheers can work in a modern setting. Sheers come in a wide range of colors, and some have delicate designs such as embroidery to add interest.

Sheers can be a bit difficult to work with for a very large curtain wall, although they can be hung on an automated curtain rod. Sheers do not add a lot of weight to the structure of a building, but allowances should always be checked when adding weight to a curtain wall.

Retractable Shades for Curtain Wall

Another option for a curtain wall window treatment is a retractable shade or blind. A retractable shade allows office workers to move the shade during times of day when direct sunlight causes glare, but can be raised to allow maximum light at other times. Shades come in a wide range of materials that can be treated to block the light when needed, and they fold up neatly when out of the way.

Like automated awnings for outdoors, retractable shades can be automated to work on a timer, or they can be manually operated. For large curtain walls, putting a shade on a timer will make the best use of the shade. Employees won’t have to bother with it, yet the company will get the maximum use of both the light and the shade. Shades can be raised to hang at any point along the height of the window, offering partial light with protection against heat and glare.

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