high window treatmentInstalling skylights and high windows can add an amazing amount of natural light to your home. However, you may notice that these windows are harder to keep covered without some advance planning. By adding the right window treatments, from awnings to shutters in Malibu, you can enjoy the sunlight when you want, and easily deflect that light at other times.

Awnings and Shades

You will love the natural light that floods into your kitchen or bathroom from a skylight. That is, until it is very early in the morning and your home is brighter than you would like it to be. During the hot summer, skylights can also become a heat wave warming up your home. This is a great time to consider adding shades for skylights or retractable awnings for your high windows. These window treatments coordinate with your home décor and provide effective deflection of the sun’s light and heat at crucial points during the day.


High windows give your home an incredibly open feel, but they can be tricky to manage. For your Malibu home, shutters are a classic, elegant addition that can be easily opened and closed from below. There are many colors and styles to select from, and options in the direction and width of the louvers. For tall windows, add plantation shutters with long panels that can be opened and closed while you stand on the ground.


Some people worry that once they get their window treatments installed on skylights and high windows, they will be powerless to operate those shades, awnings and shutters in Malibu. Motorization is the key to simplifying window management. Motorization options include:

You can also install shutters with louvers that are set to open and close with a click of a button. It even works for large windows and heavy window treatments.

Think of it: no more climbing on a rickety ladder to adjust window treatments. No more sweating in the heat of a skylight that you cannot close or block. Now you can encourage your windows to fill your home with sunlight, without having to suffer any drawbacks. With motorized window treatments, taking advantage of natural light is now in your hands.

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