Window shades Vs. Window filmIn our last blog post, we touched on a few of the different window treatments that you can take advantage of the motorized feature with. We are going to cover three other styles that you can have installed with the help of Arjay’s Window Fashions in Ventura.

Solar Shades

Nearly every home will be built in a way where one side of the home receives tons of sun in the morning and then the sun will shift towards the other half of the house later on in the afternoon. While natural light is so nice to have, it’s great to have the proper coverage to enjoy your time in that room without having to have the sun shining directly into your face. Solar shades are a fantastic window treatment to consider. These shades are installed on the exterior of your house so that you can continue to enjoy the view and get some natural light, without having to look at drapes or blinds covering the window. When you motorize these windows, you can use the motorized feature to raise and lower the shades, that way you don’t have to go all the way outside to open and close them.

Wood Blinds

These are a common choice in homes because they are durable, beautiful and a classic look. We were nearly convinced that they couldn’t get better, but they do, through the motorized feature that allows for them to open and close all through the control of a remote. If you are wanting a very classic and standardized look throughout your house, but want to make the most of this feature, you’re in luck because it’s entirely possible.


If you’re looking for a different type of window covering that isn’t necessarily a set of blinds, you are going to be excited to hear that there are also drapes that you can have motorized for your home. These are a thick option that also provides quite a bit of efficiency for homes. Blinds are also available in a variety of colors, textures, and styles so that you can pick out a selection of drapes that will beautifully fit with the aesthetic of your home. These add a bit more of a flare to your windows and can be paired with a variety of window treatments, so if you’re thinking of doubling up your window coverings, having motorized drapes is something that you can definitely add on and feel confident that you won’t regret.

Arjay’s Window Fashions has a wide selection of window treatments that you can choose from, and many that you can take advantage of the motorized feature with. Stop by our showroom in Ventura and we can walk through the varieties of designs that you can choose from. When you stop in, our team can provide you with plenty of information as well on what types of blinds will work best for the room that you’re looking to add window treatments to, so it’s definitely worth stopping in for!

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