blinds3In our last blog, we touched on a few of the different styles of blinds that you could select for your home, while the blog prior to that touched on a few of the things that you may want to consider as you purchase blinds. One of the things that we covered was the usability of the blinds and how well they were to work when you need them opened or closed. One of the functions that blinds offer to improve the usability of blinds is motorization. This incredible feature allows for ease of use but it does narrow down the styles that you can use. Below are the styles that you can find when you visit Arjay’s Window Fashion in Ventura.

Cellular Blinds

When you are looking to cover lots of windows, but not completely rid a room of the natural light, cellular blinds are a fantastic option that can also be motorized. Aside from those features, these blinds offer an incredible amount of privacy because they are one solid blind. They get their name because of their interesting honeycomb design that is used to create each section of the blinds. That way, when they pull up they entirely collapse to stack on top of each other, but when they are pulled down they make the most of the full honeycomb design. You can find these blinds in a variety of colors to match the colors of your house. If you’re worried about having energy efficient treatments for your windows, then this is something that you should look into. They’re great for windows that you’re mainly worried about covering for privacy, or for windows that are high.

Horizontal Blinds

When we touched on this particular style of blinds, we mentioned how they are commonly used for big windows or doors. This type of window treatment will often get installed over the entirety of the window to create a sleek look that covers the functionality of the blinds. Because horizontal blinds are used to cover such large frames of glass, these are another style that we often see motorized. When you choose to have a motorized set of horizontal blinds, you have the ability to open and close the slats at any amount of exposure that you’d like. This makes obtaining the perfect light really easy and you can still count on it providing you with endless privacy. These are great for a variety of homes because you are able to choose from a wide selection of colors as well as textures.

These are only two of the styles that you can take advantage of the motorized feature with, but there are plenty of other styles that you can take advantage of. In our next blog we will cover even more types of blinds that you can look into that we can also install with the motorized feature. You can also stop by the Arjay’s Window Fashion in Ventura and ask any member of our team about the designs that we carry.

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