Drapes aren’t only designed to adorn windows—equally important, they are also meant to block a certain amount of light from invading a room. Consequently, light isn’t the only thing drapes are meant to block, as they can also prevent people from having a clear view of your home’s inner spaces. These benefits of form and function are why drapes are an indispensable component of your home’s windows.

Many interior designers prefer window treatments like drapes to be simple and lightweight—overly dramatic fabrics can overwhelm a room and banish its supposedly cozy and homey appeal. With that in mind, here are a few simple tips on how to use drapes to make your living room exude class.

The timeless feel

If you have a more traditional-looking living room, you’ll want your drapes to be consistent with the surroundings. Fabric drapes immediately radiate a chic and sophisticated vibe. They also add a great deal of charm to a living space without costing too much. Get fabric drapes in plaid designs to add a sense of depth to the living room. If you want a bit more contrast, use gingham-patterned drapes.

Enhancing privacy

Heavy drapes are ideal for privacy, but they tend to completely deprive an interior space of some much needed sunlight. To remedy this predicament, try using sheer drapes. Apart from allowing fair to moderate privacy, sheer drapes provide a decorative effect because they come in a wide variety of textures. However, if complete privacy is more important than illumination, light-colored thick drapes provide an acceptable balance.

For the kids

If you have kids, then it’s a given that your living room drapes need to be child-friendly. As such, it’s not advisable to use expensive fabrics when you have kids running around the house. Also, you should avoid lengthy drapes that reach the floor as they pose a safety risk for young children.

You don’t want your living room looking bare and plain. With the right use of contemporary window treatments like drapes, you can give your living room the warm, dreamy ambiance and security it needs to make visitors look at it with envy.

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