Window Treatments That Can Be Motorized – Part 2

In our last blog post, we touched on a few of the different window treatments that you can take advantage of the motorized feature with. We are going to cover three other styles that you can have installed with the help of Arjay’s Window Fashions in Ventura. Solar Shades Nearly every home will be built […]

Environmentally Friendly Window Coverings

Arjay’s Window Fashions exhibited in a “green” building show in Santa Barbara a few years ago and the questions asked by the attendees really made us think – when something is considered sustainable does that also mean it is green? And when someone is looking for something environmentally responsible, who’s environment are they concerned about […]

Top 5 Tips for Thanksgiving Home Decorations

Thanksgiving is time of joy and family gathering together to enjoy good food and each other. Every family has their own style of celebrating this holiday; some are more casual with a big concentration on football, while others find this to be a spiritual holiday. No matter how your family likes to celebrate, you want […]

Getting Started with Window Treatments

Many people don’t think much about window treatments when they move into their first apartment. Often, the windows are covered with inexpensive discount store blinds. While these serve their purpose — sort of, they are far from ideal. Many don’t stay in the position they are supposed to stay in, and not much time goes […]

Window Treatments for Curtain Wall

A curtain wall adds a lovely architectural feature to an office building, letting in outside light throughout the building as well as pleasing form. From the outside it offers a unique style to the building’s structure, giving it an eye-catching appearance for passers-by. Inside, a curtain wall is functional and beautiful, because it can lower […]

Window Treatments: How to Cover Windows above a Radiator

Covering windows above a radiator can be a bit tricky. The heat emitted from the radiator can affect some window coverings, and it is important not to block the heating unit. Radiators also take up a lot of space near the floor which makes hanging curtains more difficult. Here are some tips to help you […]

How to Drape Old Windows and Problem Windows in Style?

Some of the most beautiful windows in modern homes can be the most difficult to “dress.” Coordinating windows of different sizes in a single room is is often problematic. An extremely large window may present a dilemma if window drapes Santa Barbara are needed for privacy or light control. An arched window, or a bank of windows with […]

Best Window Treatments for Hotels

The hospitality and hotel industry has unique needs when it comes to window treatments. Unlike a home, guests staying at a hotel may use their rooms as bedrooms, dining rooms and office space while staying there. With such a wide range of use of each room, the hotel needs window treatments that can assist with […]

Awesome Tips for Remodeling Home Office

Those who live in Los Angeles are often on the move, and their work involves a little of everything. Clocking out at the end of a workday and simply going home to relax is not part of their reality. That’s why it is so important to have a fresh and functional home office. Remodeling the […]

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