Curtains in Thousand Oaks can make a real impact on the feel of a room. Some styles bring a contemporary flair. Others offer a sophisticated richness. Some styles aim for a sort of softness. But as important as curtain selection is, it is equally important to choose the right curtain rod in order to complete the look and feel. This not only means paying attention to the design, but also the material. Most often the debate comes down to choosing a metal or a wood curtain rod. Each are good options, but different. Ultimately the choice needs to capture the desired feel.

Wood or Metal: Curtain Rods

Wood Curtain Rod

Wood curtain rods can be made from a variety of materials to pinpoint the the style to fit that of a Thousand Oaks home. Some rooms call for a more natural look, and an unfinished or lightly finished rod might be used in these rooms to bring a rustic feel. Popular wood choices include oak, beech, mahogany, and pine.

Many like to choose wood rods over metal because of environmental concerns, and simply like the fact that it is a natural material. It is often the choice of those who like to utilize natural materials throughout their homes and may choose natural fabrics such as silk or cotton to reinforce the idea.

When choosing a wood rod, it is important that the rod be thick enough, because a too thin rod can break if the curtain is too heavy for it. Curtains that hang in very wide or tall windows may need a wooden rod with up to a 3 inch diameter to assure that the curtain will stay secure. That means the rod will be quite heavy, but once it is in place it should be able to stay there.

A narrower rod can be used, if weight is a concern, but these should be used with lighter weight curtains, and may possibly be paired with other blinds or shades to add privacy and insulation.

Metal Curtain Rod

Metal curtain rods bring a more contemporary style, and are highly durable. These can hold heavy curtains without breaking, yet they are still light in weight. Sometimes can have a harsh look that doesn’t fit with the decor, and may be vulnerable to eventual rusting. Some rooms invite this type of rusting more than others, so it is important to ask questions about the room where the curtain is to be installed in order to take the right steps to prevent this problem from occurring.

While some may think that rooms with wood furniture should have wood curtain rods, many find that using metal rods brings a welcome contrast. Metal rods are normally made from black nickel, stainless steel, copper or brass and are adjustable in length. Part of what makes these rods special is the finials on either end, as these can add a lot of character, and detract from an otherwise plain style of curtain rod. These can also be changed over time while keeping the same curtain rod when a new look is desired.

Despite the sturdiness of a metal rod, it is still important that they are properly supported. When using a metal rod on a wide window, be sure that the diameter is at least 1 inch, and that plenty of support brackets are installed to prevent the rod from bowing in the middle.curtain

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